Whenever various control system are mounted in a vehicle, they have to be adjusted to each other. This is particularly important when the control systems influences a same behavior parameter. Oversteering can be corrected by an active steering system as well as by ESP. If each system would try to compensate the entirety of the deviation the result would be an over compensation. A permanent set-up is needed between the development teams when coexisting controllers are developed.

An integrated chassis control however will assume the task to distribute the control amplitudes to the different controllers. This will ease the set-up of the system and improve the achievement potential.

Working with coexisting control systems necessitate the development of all functionalities for each control system. So each system will for example need an own signal conditioning and vehicle state calculation. By contrast, only one signal conditioning and one vehicle state calculation is needed for an integrated chassis control. The functionalities have although to be developed in a way fulfill the requirement of all integrated controllers.

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